Snubco Virtual Snubbing Simulator

The Snubco Snubbing Simulator development began in 2009. A development team from Snubco contacted an Edmonton based simulation company, 3Di Edmonton to co-develop the world’s only snubbing simulator. We the unique combination of skill sets we were able to develop a truly realistic simulation. This simulator has since been used by well control schools in the U.S as an IADC approved training simulator (Well Control School in Houston, Texas). It has been utilized as a method of rehabilitation by the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta and as a training simulator for major oil companies (Shell, Devon, EnCana, Conoco, Etc.)
What can the simulator do that makes it a competency based solution?
It can:

  • Simulate all well conditions
  • Simulate actual jack operating functions
  • Complete physics based operations
  • Provides user with an exact duplicate of an actual operation panel
  • All audio mimics actual operating conditions
  • Allows the user to operate in conditions that may be considered too dangerous for training applications
  • Allows user to log hundreds of hours in simulated field time
  • Allow users to complete training of any Snubco procedures for competency based training
  • Records simulation in two video formats for later viewing
  • Tracks operational trends to see where the student is weak so additional training can be customized
  • Input well programs to complete job in a virtual environment to pre plan for actual job
  • Incident re-creation

This is a key component of the Snubco Competency Assessor Program