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Snubco Pressure Control International Ltd. (Snubco International) is a sister corporation to Snubco Group Inc. the parent corporation of Snubco Pressure Control Ltd. with its head office in Nisku, Alberta. Established in 2000, Snubco International offers snubbing technology, equipment and expertise as well as other pressure control services to the global marketplace. Our international customers benefit from Snubco’s years of experience in this field and the technological advancements made in Canada.

Canadian cliental has seen the benefits of snubbing technology and it has become one of the fastest growing industries in the Canadian Oil and Gas sector. Recognized not only for it immediate impact on the production of the formation but for its long term environmental benefits as well. Snubbing equipment has reduced the need to flare the wellbore to atmosphere, which reduces greenhouse gases, and also uses little to no water to control wellbore pressures leaving this valuable resource untouched. See our article featured in “Upstream Petroleum” here and our feature in “World Oil” here. These reasons and more have made this proven technology highly sought after by our International cliental.

Another reason our International clients have requested our services is our superior commitment to safety. Snubco is constantly improving on our underbalanced equipment to improve on board features that make it the safest equipment in the industry. Personnel are also constantly provided with the highest level of training to ensure we surpass industry standard. Snubco is proud to be a part of the “Assessor Training Program” and has the highest percentage of assessed personnel in the industry. This level of training is being recognized globally and is being demanded by customers worldwide.

Snubco International is a world leader in design, production and utilization of specialized equipment for the pressure control industry. Be sure to check out Snubco Manufacturing’s international builds here.

Snubco’s professionals have experience on projects around the world. In countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and throughout North America. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Training seminar onsite in Northern China

Snubco International offers Customers:

  • Snubbing equipment featuring the latest technology – Snubco has the ability to design, engineer, manufacture and ultimately operate any snubbing platform required
  • Intensive training on snubbing on an ongoing basis
  • The support of experienced, highly trained personnel for our customers
  • An analysis of our customers needs on the viability of using snubbing in the area of operations
  • Recommend potential designs to accomplish snubbing services
  • Support with engineering, hazardous-operations studies, auxiliary equipment procurement and other services required
  • Emergency Response Planning