Snubco Pressure Control Ltd. was established in Edmonton, Alberta by a team of seasoned veterans in the snubbing industry. The company rapidly expanded from one snubbing unit to two. By the end of the first year of operation, Snubco completed over 200 snubbing jobs for more than two dozen oil companies on projects ranging from simple completions to high pressure work overs to under balanced drilling situations.

Fleet was doubled to four units.

Growth continues with plans for a new fabrication facility to manufacture rig assist snubbing equipment. Fleet was expanded to seven rig assist units and one freeze unit. 

A head office, fabrication, and maintenance facility was built at the Nisku, Alberta location. Snubco currently dispatches equipment out of the Nisku and Grande Prairie locations and maintains a sales and customer service office in Calgary.

Snubco Pressure Control International Ltd. was formed to offer new innovative snubbing technology and expertise to the ever-expanding needs of the global marketplace. Snubco International closed the first international deal with a company from China for equipment and personnel.

Two additional new customers from China have signed deals to purchase snubbing equipment. Snubco Domestic builds its first “Self-Contained” Snubbing Unit.

The domestic operations center in Nisku, Alberta is doubled in size to accommodate the growth of the company.

Snubco International forms a joint venture with the Australian company Eastern Well Service. The two companies form Eastern Pressure Control Ltd and bring rig assist snubbing, freeze services and hot-tap technology to the Australian market.

Snubco’s Domestic fleet has expanded to ten snubbing units operating throughout Canada.

Snubco Manufacturing Inc is formed and completes the sale of one rig assist unit to a Canadian customer.

Snubco International completes the sale of the fourth rig assist style unit to the Chinese market. Additionally, the company signs a contract to provide rig assist units to a customer in Romania.

Diversification continues at Snubco with the purchase of four cryogenic nitrogen pumpers, and two coil tubing units. Additionally, a contract is signed to secure storage and supply of cryogenic nitrogen in strategic locations within Alberta. One bulk transport unit is purchased to support the nitrogen pumping equipment.

The overall company is reorganized into several divisions under the leadership of Snubco Group Inc.

Snubco Manufacturing sells another rig assist to a Canadian customer.

A joint venture is signed between Snubco International and StassCo Pressure Control LLC. in the United States. Two Rig assist snubbing units are built for operations throughout the mountain states region.

Snubco International ships a rig assist snubbing unit to its Romanian customer.

A joint venture is signed between Crane Smart shareholders and Snubco’s shareholders to form a company called “Rig Smart”. This company’s mandate is to bring computer automation and safety systems targeted at snubbing units and work over rigs.

The Snubco Group now includes the following corporations:  

  • Snubco Group Inc. Parent corporation
  • Snubco Pressure Control Ltd. – Responsible for all Canadian snubbing, freeze and hot-tap services.
  • Snubco Well Services Ltd. – Responsible for all Canadian nitrogen pumping and coil tubing operations.
  • Snubco Manufacturing Ltd. – Responsible for all engineering, manufacturing, research and development of The Snubco Group.
  • Snubco Pressure Control  International Ltd. – Responsible for all international operations outside of North America.
  • Snubco USA Inc and StassCo Pressure Control LLC. –  Responsible for snubbing services in the lower 48 states in the US.
  • Rig Smart Inc. – Responsible for computer automation and safety systems for snubbing units and workover rigs.

A 14,000 square foot facility is leased in Grande Prairie, Alberta to accommodate the Nitrogen, Coil and Snubbing service divisions.

Snubco Manufacturing completes the sale of a third rig assist unit to a Canadian customer.

The first “Rig Smart” Systems are installed on work over rigs in Alberta. 12 snubbing units are now equipped with the “Snub Smart” safety system developed by Rig Smart.

The Snubco Group forms an alliance with StrataEnergy Services to promote snubbing and under balanced drilling technology worldwide.