The Snubco Group

The Snubco Group of companies is dedicated to providing the finest equipment and the best in personnel for all your snubbing, well servicing, well control and freeze-hot tapping requirements.

Snubco Pressure Control: Canadian rig assist and self contained snubbing units providing equipment and personnel unparalleled in the pressure control industry.

Snubco Pressure Control ­ International: Snubbing, freeze and hot tapping equipment working under pressure worldwide.

Snubco Well Servicing: Nitrogen pumping and coil tubing services providing state of the art equipment and the people to run it.

Snubco Manufacturing: Design and construction of industry leading rig assist and self contained snubbing units.

Some of our Services

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  • Well Control

    In well control situations, Snubco’s seasoned professionals can be an integral part of your company’s well control team. We offer your team our “hands-on” expertise in working with wells under pressure – we work with it daily. Our skilled team has worked in dangerous situations involving pressures up to 13,000 Psi and H2S concentrations of up to 45%.

  • Rig Assist Snubbing

    Snubco’s Rig Assist services use the safest and most efficient equipment available in the Canadian market. Our equipment can be used with a variety of rig set-ups from a small single workover rig to a large triple drilling rig. The majority of the components on our rig-assist units are designed by Snubco, then field proven by our experienced personnel to ensure that the equipment is the best available.

  • Freeze Applications

    Trust your Freeze Applications to the Snubco professionals. We have years of experience in Freeze Applications for a wide range of situations with pressures of up to 7,500 Psi. Snubco knows that safety of any freeze application is directly related to experience – our team is the most highly trained and skilled you will find in the industry.

Latest News

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  • New Build

    Snubco is pleased to announce a new build for Most Wanted Snubbing out of Wyoming. This trailer mounted 170K unit is new to the Snubco Manufacturing lineup but is sure to be a product that the market place demands. Based on the same design as our popular S-9 model, this unit can be configured to […]

  • Snubco Advanced Tech (SAT)

    SAT has had unprecedented growth since its inception in late 2011. The product line has grown to include: Data Acquisition System SmartSlips SlipSmart SnubSmart Snubco Snubbing Simulator All systems have been vastly improved in security, accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and overall performance.  We will see even more improvements across the board in the end of 2013 […]

  • Manufacturing

    Snubco Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to report a record year for 2012. We have completed several builds for both domestic and international clients. This year we have constructed three rig assist snubbing units, one 120k unit for use in the USA and two, one S-9 170 k and one S-9 HD 225K that were shipped […]