The Snubco Group

The Snubco Group of companies is dedicated to providing the finest equipment and the best in personnel for all your snubbing, well servicing, well control and freeze-hot tapping requirements.

Snubco Pressure Control: Canadian rig assist and self contained snubbing units providing equipment and personnel unparalleled in the pressure control industry.

Snubco Pressure Control ­ International: Snubbing, freeze and hot tapping equipment working under pressure worldwide.

Snubco Manufacturing: Design and construction of industry leading rig assist and self contained snubbing units.

Some of our Services

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  • Rig Assist Snubbing

    Snubco’s Rig Assist services use the safest and most efficient equipment available in the Canadian market. Our equipment can be used with a variety of rig set-ups from a small single workover rig to a large triple drilling rig. The majority of the components on our rig-assist units are designed by Snubco, then field proven by our experienced personnel to ensure that the equipment is the best available.

  • Well Control

    In well control situations, Snubco’s seasoned professionals can be an integral part of your company’s well control team. We offer your team our “hands-on” expertise in working with wells under pressure – we work with it daily. Our skilled team has worked in dangerous situations involving pressures up to 13,000 Psi and H2S concentrations of up to 45%.

  • Self-Contained Snubbing

    Due to changes in customer demand and industry regulations self-contained snubbing has become a major component in today’s workover and completions market. Demands for a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly snubbing operation has been the major factor in the development of this industry.

Latest News

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  • Case History Freeze Job

    Objective:  To secure and maintain well control for the purpose of changing out ruptured master valve on well.   Well Information:  injection well, 2% sour field ,4478 kpa, 8 5/8 casing, 3 1/2 tubing Procedure:  arrive on site, secure damaged valve by encasing valve body with chain and cage method, build ice cribbing around damaged master valve, fill […]

  • Canada 3.0

    Troy Leblanc of Snubco will be speaking at the Canada 3.0 conference, taking place in Calgary Tuesday October 28 – Thursday October 30, 2014. This event brings together leaders from both energy and technology sectors, to work together in developing the technology supply train. To view the list of speakers, case studies and acquire more […]

  • Snubco International Update

    Snubco International has just successfully completed the first horizontal well in Poland, sub-contracting to BNK, which followed last year’s successful campaign complying of work in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.  More work scheduled in the upcoming months in these countries.   Recently Snubco has just deployed back to Poland with a new set of wells in […]