Snubco Advanced Tech (SAT)

SAT has had unprecedented growth since its inception in late 2011. The product line has grown to include:

Data Acquisition System
Snubco Snubbing Simulator

All systems have been vastly improved in security, accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and overall performance.  We will see even more improvements across the board in the end of 2013 and beyond. The component to receive the most significant upgrades was the Snubbing Simulator. The Simulator received a complete overhaul with the addition of a whole new game engine to run it. This game engine will allow for the Simulator to be operated from via the web from remote locations with limited internet access. This improvement has also allowed for the Simulator to be broken down into several standalone products that can be utilized or licensed individually such as the Tubing String Builder, BOP Stack Builder and coming soon the Wellbore Builder. Please contact us for a demo anytime.

We also had a great year of demos with the Simulator making appearances at several venues including OTC and the Karamay Oil Show in China where it was featured in print, radio spots and a 20 minute TV interview. We thank all involved including Serious Labs Inc. of Edmonton for their continued support with this project.