Snubco Rig Assist Snubbing Model S-29



2007 Peterbilt C12 CAT Diesel Engine

Snubbing Equipment Specifications:

  • BOPs: 5000 Psi [35 Mpa] x 7.062” [179mm] stripping stack, consisting of one annular preventer and one Academy Type A single gate ram (c/w integral equalize system) separated by a bleed off/equalize spool with hydraulically actuated plug valves. Integrally mounted Baker BAP chokes.
  • Jack: 118” [3.0 m] stroke with 6″ by 4″ cylinders to produce a snub force of 94,200 lbs [23,000 daN], complete with hydraulic brake for added safety when pulling pipe. 4.5” [114mm] tubing tongs with hydraulic backup.
  • Snubsmart: Unit is equipped with the Snubsmart safety system with lights and beacons indicating ram position and a throttle control to limit pulling power of rig.
  • Onboard pipe handling winch: Rated to 500 Lbs [227 kg]
  • Slips: Snubco snubbing slips, Snubco “TH” heavy slips.
  • 6,000 lb rotary unit
  • 100% certified: The unit has complete engineering and material certifications for all structural or pressure containing components. All wellbore pressure containing components meet N.A.C.E. specifications.
  • Accumulator: 33 Gal [124 L] with nitrogen backup system.
  • B.H.A. handling space: 85” [2.17 m]
  • Lubricating space: 96” [ 2.46 m]
  • Snub force: 50,000 lbs [23,000 daN]
  • Rigged up height: 167” [4.24 m] to slips; 191” [4.85 m] to top of rails
  • Slipsmart System:
    • Incorporates design features such that a positive, measurable and recordable transfer of load made between slips.
    • Is designed with (electro/hydraulic) interlock(s) that will not allow accidental release of pipe, at any time, in either heavy or light mode of operation.
    • Visual confirmation of slip function, load transfer and with respect to dropped object protection.
    • Bypass of the Slip Smart© to enable operations such as running BHA assemblies is possible, but it is controlled by an adequate procedure and supervision.
    • The system uses high speed electric wireless actuators that attach easily to any existing hydraulic system. The information is displayed on the base station and slave screen.
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