Nitrogen Pumping

The Snubco Group is proud to introduce Nitrogen pumping services to its current fleet of oilfield service and well control equipment. The first Nitrogen pumper came on line in January 2006. Nitrogen is an inert gas which is non-corrosive, non-explosive making it environmentally friendly. Nitrogen pumping is an ideal match with Snubco Group’s existing fleet. Nitrogen pumping is used to perform sand clean outs, displace well bore fluids, purge pipeline, provide a blanket of inert gas on wells with H2S content, pressure test pipelines and pressure test vessels.

The Snubco Group now has a total of 3 truck mounted, non fired Nitrogen pumpers with a capacity of 7000 m3. One trailer mounted non fired nitrogen pumper also with a capacity of 7000 m3. One truck mounted Nitrogen transport bulker with a capacity of 10000 m3. All Nitrogen units will have flow rates from 5 to 85 m3 with pump pressures to 69 mpa.

Nitrogen Equipment


On location in Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Snubco Nitrogen trucks can be used independently or utilized in conjunction with our Coil Tubing Units, Snubbing Units or can even be used with other Nitrogen Units to produce a higher delivery rate. Each Nitrogen unit features a holding capacity of 7000 m3, with an operating temperature range of -40C to +40C. Snubco can offer low rate units capable of 5-85 m3/min. All of our units are Glycol heated, ensuring that no flame is present to increase the risk in volatile environments. Additionally, each unit is also equipped with a 1” treating iron. Every truck incorporates a cab and electronic data recording system to inform both the customer and our personnel of the treating pressure, discharge temperature, pump rate, total volume pumped and boost pump pressure readings.

100% Electric Nitrogen Unit

Electric Nitrogen Unit Photo

The Electric Nitrogen Unit is unique as it features self contained heating versus using the motor or truck engine to generate the heat required. This unit can be powered by a plant electrical supply or stand alone with its own generator. The end result is safer and more efficient operation.

Nitrogen Pumpers

Nitrogen Pumper Truck

Snubco can provide reliable Nitrogen Pumpers that are capable of working in the most demanding conditions. All of our units are low rate, non-fired, tri-axle, body job units.

Mini Bulker

Mini Bulker

The Nitrogen Mini Bulker can be used in applications where the location is difficult to access due to substandard conditions such as steep, rocky terrain or muddy areas, etc.

Nitrogen Bulker

Nitrogen Bulker