Canada 3.0

Troy Leblanc of Snubco will be speaking at the Canada 3.0 conference, taking place in Calgary Tuesday October 28 – Thursday October 30, 2014. This event brings together leaders from both energy and technology sectors, to work together in developing the technology supply train. To view the list of speakers, case studies and acquire more […]

Slipsmart Systems

Final testing has commenced on several new upgrades to the SlipSmart systems. Thanks to client feedback the system will be refined to allow for better measurement, upgraded sensors for load transfer, smaller installation footprint, increased battery life, better warning systems, new sensors and a new user interface. Snubco will be contacting previous clients about these […]

March Updates

Snubco is pleased to be in talks with SJ Petro to implement the SlipSmart and Snubco DAS into their snubbing equipment. This cooperative venture will prove to be beneficial to both parties. Delivery of a Snubco Hot Tap Container to China was completed, inspected and installed while in Beijing. This container will begin the introduction […]


Snubco personnel traveled to Beijing to complete the commissioning of a new jack built for Landy Energy. The end user, Beijing Jerrywon Energy Equipment Company, was very pleased with the performance of the equipment. Once inspection of the equipment was complete Joe Merrick and Kevin Thornell remained to provide training on the equipment. This training […]

New Build

Snubco is pleased to announce a new build for Most Wanted Snubbing out of Wyoming. This trailer mounted 170K unit is new to the Snubco Manufacturing lineup but is sure to be a product that the market place demands. Based on the same design as our popular S-9 model, this unit can be configured to […]

Snubco Advanced Tech (SAT)

SAT has had unprecedented growth since its inception in late 2011. The product line has grown to include: Data Acquisition System SmartSlips SlipSmart SnubSmart Snubco Snubbing Simulator All systems have been vastly improved in security, accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and overall performance.  We will see even more improvements across the board in the end of 2013 […]


Snubco Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to report a record year for 2012. We have completed several builds for both domestic and international clients. This year we have constructed three rig assist snubbing units, one 120k unit for use in the USA and two, one S-9 170 k and one S-9 HD 225K that were shipped […]

Introduction to Snubbing Presentation

It is once again we are proud to be presenting the snubbing portion of the work overs and completions course at Enform, during the Completions/Workovers course in Calgary, Alberta.  Introduction to Snubbing is presented by Karl Bauer at Enform Oct 23 2013. We have recently introduced our newest teaching technology by way of our Snubbing […]

New Builds

Snubco International is pleased to announce two new builds for the last quarter of 2012 to be completed in conjunction with the 5 new builds for Complete Energy Services. Landy Energy Services has purchased what will be there 6th S-9 jack. This will mark the first jack to be introduced to the Chinese market that […]

Snubco International

Snubco International and Snubco Manufacturing have had a great couple of months. We have secured builds for one new freeze unit and six new rig assist jacks. The freeze unit will be destined for China and the jacks will have a final home in the USA. These jacks will mark a turning point for Snubco […]