New Builds

Snubco International is pleased to announce two new builds for the last quarter of 2012 to be completed in conjunction with the 5 new builds for Complete Energy Services.

Landy Energy Services has purchased what will be there 6th S-9 jack. This will mark the first jack to be introduced to the Chinese market that contains some of Snubco Advanced Tech Systems.

The second build is for Halliburton/Boots and Coots. This jack will be the most advanced rig assist snubbing unit ever built. It will contain all of the current systems Snubco Advanced Tech currently designs and builds. The control systems in this jack make leaps and bounds to improving the operational efficiency and safety of the equipment.

These builds will be followed with the introduction of S-29 to Snubco Pressure Controls fleet. It will be a twin to Halliburton’s jack with the exception of its lifting and snubbing capacity. We are very excited about these new advancements and we continue to strive to be a leader in new snubbing and pressure control technology.