Chinese Operations

Training on location in Northern China

Snubco International has had a long working relationship in China supplying the local gas fields with pressure control equipment. Starting in 2002, Snubco supplied the first rig assist snubbing unit to China. The unit was so well received that it was quickly followed with another order for two more of the Snubco Model S-9 units. Again in 2005 another unit is manufactured and shipped to China and is quickly followed by two more Model S-9 units and a Self Contained Freeze Unit. This containerized freeze unit is found to be invaluable as support equipment for the existing snubbing units.

With growing demand for snubbing technology in China, Snubco International creates a state of the art training program that is provided in two parts, On-site training and in-house. Read more about our training program hear Snubco International is currently commissioning two jacks in China and are conducted final negotiations on the second containerized freeze unit and a complete training program that is set to begin in Daqing, China in early August.

For more information about Snubco International’s equipment and training program in China please contact